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Yesterday was my friend Suzi’s wedding, and I was one of the handmaidens of doom. The wedding was beautiful, the bride was glowing, the groom was confident, the weather stayed fabulous…all in all, even with all the inevitable last minute chaos, it was one of the better weddings I’ve attended. So, Yay, Suzi and Victor!

And now, for your amusement:
From the “Wait, What? category…It’s a kindler gentler Vlad the Impaler.

Speaking of icky; Scarefactory, for all your Dante-esqe decorating needs..

Goldilocks was free to get lost in the woods again after a jury acquitted her of burglary charges Thursday, apparently buying into the defense’s argument that no child would break into a house just to eat Mama Bear’s awful porridge.

Munchies in the dark

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