Monthly Archives: June 2003

A mixed grill of info

Personal stuff: Took Tommy to the pool this morning and great fun was had by all. In the smallest of the kiddie pools, his feet will reach the ground from his floatyboat, so he can motor around in the water. He loves that! He chased little girls all over the place in his little boat. […]

Scary stuff

So, got sideswiped by a semi (big freaking lorry to my Brit friends) on I35 this evening. He’s ok, no injuries…mostly annoyed because the Beast was almost paid off. The driver of the semi tried to get away, but he was chased by witnesses to the accident, realized he was busted, pulled over and waited […]


I know, I know…I’ve been quiztastico lately…but some of them are just too funny. As those of you who’ve been in my house know, I love, love, love Heinlein. I have at least one copy of every book he ever wrote. I love his women, they’re strong, they’re capable, they’re sexy. What’s not to love […]


Wow, I feel all proud when I can make a trip to the grocery or department store with Tommy without disaster…but these folks, they’re so motivated, they can commit B&E with a baby. Now, in all fairness, there really aren’t that many other careers that will let you bring your baby to work…

Stuff caught in the web

Call your Congressional Reps for Free from Infojunkies – You can call your Representatives and Senators for free. 1-(800) 839-5276. The switchboard will put you through to your politico of choice. It’s 4 a.m., and comedian Dennis Miller can’t sleep. After a few fitful hours of tossing and turning, he sits upright in bed and […]