Stuff caught in the web

Call your Congressional Reps for Free from Infojunkies – You can call your Representatives and Senators for free. 1-(800) 839-5276. The switchboard will put you through to your politico of choice.

It’s 4 a.m., and comedian Dennis Miller can’t sleep. After a few fitful hours of tossing and turning, he sits upright in bed and switches on the lamp on the night table. There, standing in the room is — Dennis Miller. But it’s a younger, hipper Dennis, the Saturday Night Live Dennis, with the Steven Tyler hair and the twinkle in the eye. He is holding a large manila folder, stuffed with papers.

Electric 6’s song At the Gay Bar, as mimed by Bush and Blair. Or perhaps you prefer your gay bar filled with Viking kittens? Oh, you want the actual video produced by the band? Ok, sure…here ya go. :)

It frightens me to know that there are people willing to pay good money to find out information on pictures of duck butts.

And now, to bed…the boy rises early…and like his mother, he rises cranky.

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