A consumer story with a happy ending

The Ducki Baby has a favorite toy. It’s a fishbowl from Fisher Price that lights up and plays steel drum band music or bubbly sounds when you take or return the little fish. (It’s like the Bahamas, without the $47.00 daiquiris.) Anyway, he loves this toy. This is probably tied with the piano as his favorite toy.

Except yesterday, it stopped making music. It still lights up…but for him, it’s not the same. He showed quite a fit of pique when it didn’t make music or bubbly sounds. He hit with his dinosaur, his squeaky mouse, and even stuffed Cuthulu inside, all in a vain attempt to force it to play music. All to no avail.

Naturally, I took it apart to see if I could fix it. (I’m like that…any chance to use a screwdriver and play with the innards of something…I’m all over it.) Anyway, I spread the guts of the fishbowl electronics across the table…and figured out what was wrong…and that I had no way to fix it. So, I called Fisher Price and told them about the travails of one small infant and his silent fishbowl. I was even honest enough to tell them I took it apart, and what I thought the problem was. I asked if they could replace the part that seemed faulty.

Instead, they’re sending an entirely new fishbowl. Yay. Soon the playroom will once again resound with the sound of burbling fish and steel drums. And peace will once again descend on the duck pond.

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