Monthly Archives: August 2003

Club Spooky on Sunday?

Hey, who’s up for Club Spooky on Sunday? I’m pretty sure that has Monday off…which means I can stay out late on a school night! But, I don’t wanna wander into the gaggle of gothlings alone. So, who wants to go with me to torture the kids in electrical tape? (This is all, of course, […]

Oh dear lord, protect me from your fans…

Our anointed Ashcroft is on his country wide “2 Minute Hate” tour. One of the things he’s using to whip up the enthusiasm of the masses? The Patriot Act II makes pot smokers terrorists. Yep. Apparently, we’re tired of sending stoners to prison…now, we’d just like to execute them please. Well, the BushCorp has to […]

And now, for something completely different


spooky stuff

Daniel Pipes, Peacemaker? Daniel Pipes says the only path to Middle East peace will come through a total Israeli military victory. So why has President Bush nominated him to the board of the government’s leading peace think-tank? Well…do you think this could have anything to do with it? The United States has asked Israel to […]

When You Wish Upon a Scar

Goths invade Disneyland! Cool flash game: warning, Levers is addictive. Waste some time with this flash adventure game written by the fun folks at The Illustrated Catalog Of ACME Products Now you too can be a Super-Genius.