This story, boys and girls, is a perfect example of why I would rather go pick up a law degree and join the ranks of the evil dead than to be a teacher in this country.

Waiting in line won’t help you. According to the New York Times, Ticketmaster plans to begin auctioning off the best concert seats to the highest online bidders.

Eolas Technologies Inc. owns the plugin concept. Meet US Patent 5,838,906: “The patent claims to cover mechanisms for embedding objects within distributed hypermedia documents, where at least some of the object’s data is located external to the document, and there is a control path to the object’s implementation to support user interaction with the object.” If the patent holds, no browser will be allowed to support Java applets, Flash, sound (well…that might be ok…), movies, or PDF files without a license.

Is Elmo Bush’s secret weapon?

Well, I’ve been playing “fishing for baby” with the mouse for about as long as he thinks it’s amusing….time to wander away from my toy and back to his. :)

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