Add Sprint to the list of companies which vex me

So, the phone call I was trying to make this morning was to find out where the Sprint store was…because one of the cell phones and/or charger died…and I wanted to find out which and solve the problem. Since I unilaterally refuse to pay long distance charges to reach a business that is 8 miles away…I didn’t call for directions…thinking “how hard could this be?”

I forgot, you see, that I have no sense of direction. And I was already cranky from my early morn Verizon debacle.

So, I packaged up the baby, panicked briefly when we couldn’t find his travel bear, got him out of the car seat, changed him, back in the car seat…still no bear…chicken not working as a substitute…momma’s hair looks like fun though….got hair back in ponytail…still no bear. Baby in car, we’re driving around where we took a walk to see if he tossed the bear out and I missed it….still no bear. Head off to the wilds of Rockwall to try and locate the Sprint store. Drive around aimlessly for 10 minutes…end up at I-30 twice…and not sure how either time.

Eventually stop and ask nice construction workers if they know where I’m going. As it turns out, they do. (You know, they always do…I don’t know if my guardian angel has some sort of commission deal going with guys in hard hats, or what.) Anyway, find the Sprint Store…go in, show them the phone, tell them that it won’t charge, and ask them to check and see which component is the faulty one.

To which they reply…”Ok, I’ll need some account info…”

Me: “Why?”

Them: “Because we have to know who’s phone it is.”

Me: “To plug it into a wall and tell me which part of two parts isn’t functioning?

Them: “Yes. What’s the phone number.”

Me: “I’m not sure…I’ve got it programmed into my phone, but my husband has my phone…this is his phone.”

Them: “Ok…what’s your number?”

Me: “Um, I’m going to have to go with I don’t know Bob. New phone and I never call me.”

Them: “Ok, fine…I’ll take it in back and have someone check it.”

Me: “Ok.” (Resisting the urge to say “And if you could just do that, why did you waste all this time…you little pest?”)

I sit down on the floor of the store with Tommy and we read a couple of his books and wait, and wait, and wait. He has some water, I have some water, and we wait, and we wait, and we wait. Finally…16 years later…ok 30 minutes…but you get the point…he comes back out with the phone and the charger and says “The battery is dead.” Drops the equipment in my hands like it was a rattlesnake and says “Well, the phone is practically Jurassic.”

Yeah…cause I want consumer electronic critiques from a kid in a logo shirt and bad Supercuts style. “Yes,” I say, “I know it’s old…and all old things should be destroyed…but in the meantime, let’s just replace the battery, shall we?”

His gum chewing jaw grew slack for a moment as he pondered the concept of battery replacement…tapped dulsitorily on his keyboard and said “Nope. We don’t sell accessories for that phone anymore. You should just buy a new one.”

“I don’t want a new one. I want this one.”

“Well, try Radio Shack…maybe they have something.” And with that final benediction he resumed his gum chewing and glazed eye staring at the wall.

Sigh. On the upside…I knew where the Radio Shack was…in relation to where I was, so getting there was painless. Those guys were great. I still have to get a new phone…but god love the guys at Radio Shack for doing their level best to find the part…and find it they did…but the battery will cost almost as much as a new phone…so, I’m researching phones.

And we still have a missing travel bear…so if you see Lari bear anywhere, tell her to come home.

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