Today’s Math Lesson

All US Air Passengers to be Profiled, and 1% Will be Banned from Boarding. In the most aggressive — and, some say, invasive — step yet, the federal government and the airlines will phase in a computer system next year to measure the risk posed by every passenger on every flight in the United States. Up to 8 percent of passengers who board flights will be coded “yellow” and pulled for additional screening. An estimated 1 to 2 percent will be labeled “red” and will be prohibited from boarding. These passengers also will face police questioning and may be arrested.”

So, we have 26,000 flights per day. Let’s say 50 passengers per plane. So, 1,300,000 getting on planes every day. Under this new law, on average, 104,000 of those passengers will be pulled out for extra searches and questioning. 13,000 – 26,000 of those passengers will be considered “too risky to fly” and may be arrested. A day, kids…each day, the government could make thousands of people disappear based on things like credit reports.

The TSA will check each passenger in two steps. The first will match the passenger’s name and information against databases of private companies that collect information on people for commercial reasons, such as their shopping habits. … The second step matches passenger information against government intelligence combined with local and state outstanding warrants for violent felonies.

I’m sure David Nelson can tell you all about how efficient the system is now…imagine adding credit reports, shopping patterns and book choices to the list of things that get weighed before you’re allowed to travel freely within the United States of America.

Again, to belabor poor Bill Hicks: You are free to do as we tell you. You are free to do as we tell you.

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