Dawn of the Living Ducks

So after our morning walk around the neighborhood this morning, since the ducks were collecting at the park by the house, I thought I’d stroll Tommy over there to feed the ducks. With a quick stop at the house for bread for the ducks, and cheerios for the boy, we trundled our way over to the water.

Now, most of the ducks in our pond live here. Which is to say, they’ve been chased by enough dogs and little boys that they almost never come to you for food…they’re more than willing to battle the catfish in the pond instead. Imagine my surprise then when a phalanx of ducks boiled out of the water and headed straight for us. (It was a shades of South Park moment.)

At first, I thought the ducks were all just coming to pay homage to the Ducki Prince (see ). But they swarmed up to the stroller, all excited and quacking up a storm. It was then that I realized that ducks really like Cheerios. And apparently, they have Cheerio radar.

Tommy, god love him, just giggled and tossed Cheerios at the ducks. I wonder how he’ll react to the geese that stop here in the winter.

Note to self…must take camera on adventures. :)

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