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Always wanted to be a philanthropist, but frankly it just eats into your slacker time? Help by barely moving at all. A mere click to Camp Sunshine, a retreat for children with critical illnesses. For every person who visits and clicks on the New Balance Click-a-Thon logo, the camp gets $1, up to $25,000. – via Duck Season.

Let’s get this straight: The administration wants $87 billion in new spending for Iraq, refuses to contemplate rolling back any of its tax cuts to pay for it — and then proposes holding down new spending on child care for mothers trying to leave welfare.

Wesley Clark, the retired general with a four-star military resume but no political experience, decided Tuesday to become the 10th Democratic presidential candidate, officials close to him said. In my opinion, General Clark may be the best chance the Dems have against a sitting wartime president. Just the fact that he’s a four star General and a Rhodes scholar would make me feel safer if he were closer to the big red “redemption” button than the remote controlled simian they have sitting in the White House currently.

In Israeli/Palestine news: from Haaretz
time to act
“They (the Sharon government) all know that every liquidated individual will have a replacement, but they are not fighting only terrorism, and their strategic goal is not a peace based on compromise but the total submission of the Palestinians. From their point of view, the war will not end until the day when the Palestinians accept unquestioningly Israel’s rule in the territories.”

The glittering edge of the boot
“Time and again, every day and every hour, we see how we have turned our children into soldiers in hobnailed boots.”

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