Chelsea update – keep the prayer wheels running

Poor little baby…they’re taking her in for exploratory surgery this morning…worrying when you consider that it’s a military hospital and not a pediatric unit… is taking care of Chelsea’s brother and her own baby girl…she’s exhausted too. All I could do was hug Tommy tight and pray that Chelsea pulls through so the babies can all play together. I know my friends, and we’re all pretty serious energy points…please take some time to send some energy to Chelsea’s mommy April to give her the strength to watch her baby girl go under the knife. Pray that the surgeons hand be steady and true. Ask the mother goddesses to surround Chelsea in warmth and safety. And after all that, if you’ve still got spare juice, send some energy to poor PixieVixen who is being strong for everyone else right now.

Update: 1pm She’s out of surgery, and things are looking much better. What a little trooper she is. :)

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