Memes and how they break pages

Gang, just so you know, there is a known issue with some of the memes breaking the reply pages of S2 styles. So, if you don’t see replies on posts where you’ve posted things like the monster, potion, angel, etc., memes…it’s more than likely that the code from the meme is doing something weird in the username field…and not that your friends don’t love you. ;)

So, now…onto something else. I’ve always had this burning desire to be an advice columnist. I think because it allows me to use some of my greatest skills; reading, writing, and being obnoxious. Now…the odds of me becoming the next Ann Landers are slim to nothing…especially since I no longer work for a news publisher…but I still think it would be fun to be the pontificating fool in the corner. So, here’s a poll…tell me what you guys think. Oh, and for names, the name Winifred comes from my character Winifred Kensington-Smythe of “Dear Owen” fame. Of all the characters I’ve created, I really love her and it’s pretty easy to get inside her rather peculiar mind. But she does have an unusual perspective on the world.

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