Cross dressing poodle lovers from Altuna

May I just say that I had no idea so many of my friends wanted to be cross dressing poodle lovers from Altuna. I mean, given that you’re *my* friends…I should have expected it, I suppose…and yet… ;)

Thanks for taking the time to fill out the last survey…I got some great input and ideas from y’all. And although Dear Winifred got more votes than Dear Cassandra…I think I’m going to go with Cassandra…albeit with a snag from …her last name will be Demeanor…so formal letter writers may address her as Ms. Demeanor.

I liked the idea of using Winifred…but I’m seriously thinking about doing a Dear Owen Sequel…so I wanted to leave her puttering about the estate for now, preparing for his eventual return. Besides, you know how the staff gets when she’s not keeping an eye on them.

So, I’ve put up a temporary Dear Cassandra page. What I need now, are some letters, questions, queries, problems to be solved. Tell your friends, tell your enemies. There’s an email address on the profile page, and I’ll do an entry with contact info too. (I also assume I’ll be writing a few of the letters myself…I’m a very troubled individual…I obviously need my help.)

Whoo hoo! A new project…I do so love new projects. :)

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