Have you ever seen a swan up close?

That’s a big ol’ bird, that is. We were feeding the ducks at a big pond and these swans came floating majestically past. Then they figured out that we had food…and up the banks and towards us they came at a furious, honking, pace. I swear to gods, it’s the closest I’ve ever been to a bird that large. Their feet were the size of baseball gloves…big, kinda spooky birds, were these. And they’re grumpy bullies too. They moved all of the ducks away and when we ran out of food, they starting honking at us and one of the possessed things even bit my friend Carla.

So, I whipped a baby blanket out of the stroller basket…and like a matador, I waved the swans back away from us. The swans stopped just out of reach of the blanket and proceeded to give us the evil eye for our remaining time at the park. I knew that geese were a pain to deal with…but who knew swans were difficult? Then again, I guess it just goes to prove that anything that beautiful is just too high maintenance to be worth it. :)

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