I’m having a blast with the thing. Thanks for all the letters…keep em coming!

So, I’m debating whether or not to try and take the boy to the State Fair. I have some friends who are in competitions…but it’s not like we’re allowed to open the jars of goodies and taste them…so that’s no fun. He’s way to young to ride anything or be ripped off by the carny folk at the games, and despite being a native Texan, he shows no real interest in livestock…but the weather is perfect, and we haven’t had an outing that required a long drive in a while.

Then again, the weather is perfect and we have 4 parks in this neighborhood…none of which are polluted by beer-swilling, wife-beater wearing, hot-dog munching rednecks. Hmmm. 45 minute drive, nightmare parking and then to find out that the all the noise terrifies him…yeah, maybe the park is a better idea after all.

As to the state of the world…I’m just taking a break for a day or two…it’s so fubar now as to be unreal…and I’ve almost given up hope that I can change anything. The other day, as I was trying to explain to someone that we were spending more in Iraq than we spend on education in the entire country, it hit me…I have to get out. Not so much because of the fascists…although that certainly is a factor…but because I don’t want to spend the next 40 years paying for the Bush regime. I don’t want my child going to sub-standard schools because our Imperialist Army is more important social services. I don’t want my kid to face 40% income taxes in a culture that returns virtually nothing back to the taxpayer. I mean, countries like Sweden, which have extraordinarily high taxes, have amazing social services that make up for the loss of income.

Here…we just get raped by the government, and then have to pay for our own healthcare to clean up afterwards. It infuriates me that we’re willing to subsidize Iraqi healthcare…but aren’t willing to do anything about healthcare in this country. It pisses me off that Halliburton is making billions and billions of dollars from this war, the rich have had their taxes rolled back…but Americans can’t find jobs, insurance, good schools, or the freaking will to start a revolution. How much closer to a class war do we have to get before people realize they’re being used and discarded like yesterday’s condoms?

Sigh. Anyway…the whole situation just has my panties in a twist, and I’m frustrated because I just don’t know what to do to fix it. So, I’m stepping away from the revolutionary rhetoric for a day or two…or that’s the goal…and try and gain some perspective. Which is why I need you and your friends to send me your problems. I’d rather deal with that than think about all the shit going wrong on the planet. :)

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