Monthly Archives: October 2003

bear cakes

So, my son’s first birthday is in about 5 weeks and I thought I should start practicing novelty cake baking. So, I got a small 3d cake pan of a little bear, and baked a cake. Except, I didn’t realize how small it really was…so I had this astounding amount of cake batter left over, […]

Today’s Word: Halloween (Noun)

Today’s Word: Halloween (Noun) Pronunciation: [h-l-'ween] Definition 1: The eve of All Saints Day on which British and North American children often run about in grisly costumes representing the dead or evil-doers and play pranks on their neighborsor offer residents immunity in exchange for treats (trick or treat). Usage 1: Today’s word is a shortening […]

A Very Scary Solstice:

It’s the Cthulhu songbook. Time to go a-caroling in the neighborhood with these catchy tunes. Who could resist a rousing chorus of The Great old ones are coming to town? Or maybe you fancy the more traditional Carol of the old ones? So lets get those songbooks out and make it a very merry Cthulhu […]

And the Handmaiden’s Tale gets one step closer to true…

Why are some nonprofit organizations that don’t agree with the Bush administration’s “abstinence only” philosophy repeatedly investigated by the government, while faith-based groups get a free pass? By Christopher Healy Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, condoms: George W. Bush has a lot of enemies. And the question is finally starting to be asked, just what […]

Look at all the tricksters…

I knew it, I just knew if I travelled long distances, I’d get a sock, paper and a broken car. Reminds me of road trips in the 80’s, really…. My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul spiderfarmer goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as Ducki Deva. _hellion tricks you! You get an old sock. blondediablo tricks you! You get a […]