Good news from California

No, I don’t have news about the election…but it’s good news for the trees. The last legal challenge to California’s Giant Sequoia National Monument collapsed Monday as the U.S. Supreme Court declined to consider an appeal by Tulare County and logging groups. Issued without comment, the court’s action upheld former President Clinton’s creation of the 327,769-acre Giant Sequoia monument. The monument is designed to protect some of the world’s largest and oldest trees, which are concentrated in about three dozen groves in the Sequoia National Forest. The sequoia groves themselves account for about 20,000 acres, or roughly 6 percent, of the total monument.

Yay Trees!

And from the “Dude, I have got to open one of these” category:

The “Maennergarten“; where wives who want to go shopping can drop off their men at big boy day care. For about $12, ladies in Hamburg Germany can leave their men, confident that they will get fed, beered and played with while they go splurging in the trendy boutiques. I’m telling you…this would go over HUGE in Dallas…Huge I tell you.

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