From the “How stupid are people?” file

So, I get the following email today. 

Attention! In our global system of monitoring there was a technical failure.
In avoidance of frauds with your credit card enter the full data for authorization, otherwise your credit card will be frozen during 10 day.

First name: Last name: Date of Birth SSN: MMN: Alternative password: max 8 char. Full Name on Credit Card: Card Type: 
Card Number: 
Expiry date: CVV2 code: ATM PIN (Bank Verification) #: Credit Card Billing Address: City: State/Province: 
Zip/Postal Code: Phone Number: Fax Number:

Which makes me think…somewhere out there is someone stupid enough to actually fill in all this information and send it off to god knows who….who happens to live at this IP: ( So, some script kiddy
in Michigan, using a Comcast dialup, with no grasp of English grammar is going to go to prison for a very long time…but only because other people are stupid enough to send him their info so he can steal their ID. Morons, I swear, the world is populated by morons. And yet, they never open season on stupid people…which just seems wrong…think of the hunger issues we could solve if we just ate the stupid ones. (mmmm…with fava beans and a nice

You know the other thing that pisses me off about this sort of email? 
The fact that these idiots get called hackers.  Jebus on a stick, these
kids aren’t even social engineers…they’re too stupid to dumpster dive, they
wouldn’t know an rlogin if it bit them, and gods forbid they should ever be
faced with a command prompt.  Bah!  In my day, it was a goal to get
superuser access…not a crime…and the ones who could do it faster, cleaner
and without detection…those were the hackers, baby…those were the
hackers.  Moving through the datastream from military base to satellite to
base…swimming with the fishies in arpnet…data on demand, free access for

These kids aren’t fit to read the Manifesto, much less wear the title. 
Quit calling them Hackers.  They’re script kiddies.  They’re not even
good script-kiddies.  They’re criminals, they’re idiots and they are
totally harshing my buzz. 

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