Well poop

As it turns out, Dear Cassandra is a name used by another advice columnist…and her publishers have let me know in no uncertain terms that I should probably change the name if I want to avoid long and ugly lawsuits. How much does this suck. Serves me right for not doing a trademark search in the first place. Thank god I didn’t buy the domain for Dear Cassandra yesterday like I’d planned.

Ms. Demeanor is also in use. Both names have been used for over 2 years…so I have zero chance of winning a suit to keep either of the names.

What a pisser, no? So, having done some research, run a few trademark searches, I’ve realized that I own, totally…completely, and with no ability for anyone else to win a IP suit, the name Winifred Kensington-Smythe. She’s been one of my characters forever, she’s had an established site for a couple of years…and plus, it’s just a great name.

So, I think I’ll start rolling Dear Cassandra over to Dear Winifred. Damn it. Gotta check with the LJ guys and see if there’s a way to change an account name. Don’t think there is.

Anyway…what do you guys think of Dear Winifred as a name? Like it?think I should keep looking for something a little more catchy? Perhaps go with my real name? Dear DeAnne actually has a nice ring to it… I dunno…I’m totally bummed. What think you guys?

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