What to do, and what to name it

In regards to the earlier post, I’m brainstorming and looking to add your creative minds to the storm. Here’s my thinking. I really love doing the advice thing. It’s been so much fun. So, even though I’ll have to stop using Dear Cassandra, I want to do it with another name.

However, I’ve talked to some publishing/syndication guys who say that they won’t even consider looking at a livejournal or blog site for consideration for future syndication…apparently, they want it on your own domain. (I can’t see what difference it makes…but fine, whatever. I’m pretty sure I can imbed a paid LJ account seamlessly into another site, so that shouldn’t be a big woop.) But, now I have to think of domains as well as lj names. I dunno, maybe this will be my motivation to start another magazine. ;)

Anyway, here’s a poll. Take it. :) Add comments as needed. Help a sister out here. ;)

Brief edit/note…I do know there’s a difference between d-eva and d-iva. :) One references the divine, the other references theatre….also, there’s already a bunch of advice “divas” out there. :)

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