bear cakes

So, my son’s first birthday is in about 5 weeks and I thought I should start practicing novelty cake baking. So, I got a small 3d cake pan of a little bear, and baked a cake. Except, I didn’t realize how small it really was…so I had this astounding amount of cake batter left over, so I made cupcakes for the neighborhood party tonight.

Anyway, I got the little teddy bear out of it’s mold…and I know how to make it better next time…but Jebuz, this thing is going to be impossible to decorate, it’s so tiny that none of my decorating tips are small enough. So, I’m considering using a ribbon tip, and making him a Mummy Bear cake for the party tonight. Cause, that’s kinda funny, in a weird Martha Stewart kinda way.

So, my original costume was going to be a RePODlican…but I realized that nobody in this area would get the joke. Then I thought I’d go as a dominatrix…because hell, I have the clothes…then I realized that there are way too many annoying people here for me to have a weapon….so, I think I’m going as a Gothling. Not as a real goth…but as one of the baby goths…jelly bracelets and fishnet stockings on my arms…4 million ponytails…although, I draw the line at anything pink. Those of us of a “certain age” cannot, will not, must not ever be in the same vicinity as pink. It’s the law. Of course, I’m not sure they’ll get that joke either…that’s more something that would be funny if my friends saw it.

Oh, fuck it…I’m putting on a black dress, a black corset, a big hat and going as a witch. I can wear comfortable shoes and give people the evil eye while they think I’m just doing an act….mwhahahahahahaha….souls…I need more souls….

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