Monthly Archives: November 2003

Thanksgiving…delayed gratification

We just had one of the best Thanksgivings in recent memory. There were people that were missed by their absence, but they decided either that they didn’t like children, or that they should have vetting rights over who I invited…so while they were missed, they themselves made the decision. The meal was one of my […]


It’s Thanksgiving, and even if we look past the hype and giant Santas carrying cardboard turkeys, it does a body good to take a few moments every once in a while to reflect on the good things in life. I’m so thankful that my son is healthy (in a general concept…cold aside), bright, active and […]

Only in Texas…

So, I’m flipping through the channels, and I have it get stopped by a commercial where someone is shooting a rifle over the bed of a truck…and one of the fellers says “Gee Barney, where’d you get that cool gun?” To which the second replies “I got it a X’s Ford…” Yep, buy a pickup […]

Clicks for Charity

Edit: fixed the Chunky Soup link…sorry for the confusion. Here is an easy way to make a difference this holiday season. Campbell’s is donating a can of soup to the needy for every person that goes to their site and votes for their favorite NFL team. It will only take a few seconds of your […]

Oryx and Crake – Margaret Atwood

Just finished Oryx and Crake. Granted, I’ve always thought Margaret Atwood was a genius…perhaps the finest female writer alive…and this book just adds to the theory. In 1985 Atwood gave us The Handmaids Tale, a speculative novel (a term the author prefers to the genre-restricting label of “science fiction”) that presents a near-future dystopia. In […]