The Wingnut Debate Dictionary: From acoulteration – (providing outward trappings of evidence in order to acculturate viewers to believe obvious lies) to Zell-manella. (Claiming that you are a “life-long Democrat,” but now you’re disgusted by their negativity, and you’ve fallen for the steely-eyed Dubya. Sufferers are known as Zellots or Zellouts.), this debate dictionary will come in handy for rant slingers of any political persuasion…even the Stepford Democrats. ;) The gang over at MetaFilter has some great ideas too.

See all the old white guys all in a row…so happy to sign the rights of women away…Encephalic children…gotta give birth to them now…hope that 3 months of carrying a dead child doesn’t bother you too much. Oh, you could die if a procedure isn’t offered? Well…that’s so sad…but look how happy signing this law has made all these old white christian men. So, little woman, shouldn’t you just put those petty feelings of yours away and go make some dinner for your man? After all honey, it’s not like you’re an equal citizen.

Wanna bet that Americans aren’t willing to give up being happy, drunk, smoked up and heavily armed? Then the Vice Fund is the mutual fund for you. Yes, you too can put your money where your party is. ;) Unless you want to put your money into sex…apparently the Vice Fund couldn’t find any publicly traded sex corporations.

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