TV Blathering

Ok, almost never…in fact, never in the history of this blog, have I ever babbled about TV. Because, as a rule…I hate it. I think it panders to the lowest common denominator, I think it’s crude, violent, sexist, racist, sensationalist clap-trap on almost every channel. As a rule, if I’m watching TV, it’s cartoons, or old black and white shows on cable…and sometimes old movies.

And yet…on Tuesday nights, I’m am glued to the set for an hour and a half…Gilmore Girls…(which actually, I prefer to tape, so I can fast forward through the bits that annoy me…) and a new show which I just adore called “Rock Me Baby” on the UPN channel. This show reminds me of our new life so much…we went from this total black clad, sports car, partying all night with our friends, flying around the country to see shows, lifestyle…to “Parent People”.

See, Parent People are different than regular people. They don’t smoke in the house. They don’t get drunk and fall asleep watching obscure Italian “art films”. They don’t stay up all night playing games and call in “dragon raid…I mean, *cough*, *cough*…sick.” the next day. They don’t consider brownies and champagne the breakfast of champions. (Well…yes we do, but Parent People make oatmeal anyway.) Almost never will you see a roomful of people, passed out on each other like a basket of puppies, in the living rooms of Parent People.

Basically, Parent People are fighting an uphill battle to avoid being boring…or gods forbid, turning into their own parents.

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