Fuck the Constitution…did you guys forget they bought this administration?

So, y’all remember a few months ago, the Bushies declined to give California the money to clear out the brush and whatnot that could have stopped the devastation visited upon our western brethren. (After all, there were millionaires who were running short of hand whipped cappuccino…and this cannot be allowed.)

Well, to complete the principles of fucking with anyone who dares speak against the regimes policies towards selling as much of the earth’s resources as we can find and burning the rest to the ground…I give you the latest hornswoggle of the fascist-wannabe’s: Bush admin pulls a law out of their asses to destroy Greenpeace and revoke their tax exempt status. Cause, really…who needs tree huggers anyway?

Critics and some legal experts say the pursuit of an entire organization for this type of civil disobedience by its members is a break with 200 years of American tradition, and appears to be an attempt by the Bush administration to silence a vocal critic. Using an obscure statute of federal law in the case. Passed 131 years ago, Code 18, Statute 2779, which was written to prevent organizations such as boarding houses from “sailor mongering” which involved boarding ships before they had moorage, often using alcohol or prostitutes to lure the crewmen ashore, leaving the vessel unattended. His research indicates that the law has been cited in only two cases, most recently in 1890. This strongly suggests a campaign of selective prosecution as a means of silencing a vocal critic, which is prohibited by law.

Like the law has ever been a problem for the uberShrubs. After all, they own the Supremes. Which is why we’re in this mess to begin with. Honest to god, we’ve not seen corruption of this level in the history of the US…and dudes, we got corruption in our past that can curl hair just to hear about it…

I love this country. My family has given the lives of many, many young men and the hearts of the women who loved them to protect and defend the only Constitutional Republic in the world…and Bush continues to piss on their graves by destroying those qualities that make us Americans.

Welcome to America. You are free to do as we tell you.

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