Bill Hicks may be dead…but I do my best to keep the outrage alive

I must share a moment of outrage with y’all. Now, keep in mind that when I’m sick….I’m very, very mean. I don’t mean to be, and if you leave me alone, I won’t be forced to kill anyone…but if you fuck with me…things get ugly…and they do it quickly.

So, without thinking they other day, I wore my “Fuck the New World Order” T-shirt when I had to take the baby up to the store to fill his prescriptions (he’s got the bug too). At least 4 people came up to me in the store and told me that they were offended by the shirt…the last one being the final straw and I responded thusly: “Wait just a minute…we live in a county where there are 5000 homeless people, half of them children, in a country where millions and millions of people have lost their jobs so that executives can get their golden parachutes, in a world where we can preemptively strike another nation so we can get our little grubby paws on their natural resources….and YOU have the moral audacity to be offended by a fucking T-shirt? Go get back in your SUV and take solace in your Made-In-China American flag sticker, you worthless fucking trophy wife.”

And the saddest thing is, you could tell that deep in her little lizard brain, she was doing the RCA dog look…just had no clue what I was talking about.

There are times when I really hate people. Blarg!…I need more nyquil… :)

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