Thanksgiving…delayed gratification

We just had one of the best Thanksgivings in recent memory. There were people that were missed by their absence, but they decided either that they didn’t like children, or that they should have vetting rights over who I invited…so while they were missed, they themselves made the decision.

The meal was one of my finest…swear to god. I made a maple roasted 20 pound turkey that melted in the mouth. The sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole and stuffing were huge hits. The root veggie dish…which was a bit of an experiment…it was carrots, turnips, rutabagas in a thyme and garlic infused cream sauce…was not such a hit. To be honest, I thought it was stunning in plate presentation…but left one wary about putting it ones mouth. I didn’t much care for it…and it wasn’t a big hit. Which is ok. Experiments are just that…every year, I try something new on the gang. Some years it works, some years it doesn’t. :) The desserts went over like gangbusters. Everyone loved the cookies…the pumpkin pie was popular…but the big winner was the experimental “gee I wonder how I made that” pumpkin cheesecake. Everyone loved it. I hope I can remember how I did it…since it really came about because I had too much pumpkin pie filling left over….and had cream cheese, lemon and eggs in the fridge. :)

It was really a fabulous evening. I can’t remember when I’ve had such a good time. James and Bridgett brought their new baby Myria, and Tommy was very excited about that. He was equally excited about green bean casserole and turkey…which may mean that she’s not quite enough of a girl to take his interest from food yet. The key word there, knowing my boy, is YET. He does so love his girls…but he’s really fond of food. And there was pie! He had his first sip of wine tonight. He kept grabbing for my glass and finally I thought, “OK, fine, I’ll give him a taste, and he’ll do that kid thing of OOOOH, YUCK!, and then he’ll stop trying to drink my wine.” Oh, but no. I forgot that he’s the son of two wine snobs…and this was Thanksgiving, so we had good wine. Giving him a sip was just taunting him from his perspective. So, I let him burble happily into my wine glass until his father came back in and made me stop. ;) (Well, come on, it’s funny…he wanted nothing to do with the ciders, the beers, the fabu champagne cognacs, or the cheap wines…he wanted Mommy’s good French wine, thanks very much…) That’s my boy. Whacking people when they take his stuff and a preference for expensive vintages…ah, I fear the teenage years…yes I do.

This evening has made me decide that I need to finish out the garage as a smoking area for the chilly months…cause I still won’t allow smoking in the house. Not much needs to be done…some carpet, move some furniture and take a bunch of boxes to the dump…add sound and poof…we’re done. The builders finished the walls and ceiling…so it’s painted and lovely out there already…just needs to accommodate more people.

Tom (the big one) was so good with J&B’s baby. He got her to fall asleep when nobody else could. He’s a god with babies. No, that doesn’t mean I want more. One is good. One is plenty. I’m pretty sure I can get one through grad school. I don’t have the bandwidth for more. That being said…I’ll babysit that precious darling anytime they want to drop her off…she’s adorable, and she’s critter trained…so my huge galumph of a puppy doesn’t scare her. Yay baby!

All in all, it was probably the best Thanksgiving in years…and for that, I’m thankful. Also, I’m glad to be off my feet for the first time in 18 hours. I’m going to finish my cognac and go to bed. Y’all take care of celebrating the rest of the weekend for me. ;)


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