World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS day. Read a report on the status of HIV and civil rights. In Uganda, 1.7 million children have been orphaned by Aids – a tenth of the world’s total. Here is one woman’s story.

Starting with this year’s State of the Union address, President Bush began a plan to increase aid to Africa, and at the center of that plan is funding to prevent the spread of AIDS and HIV that has reached epidemic proportions on the continent. Critics however, have noted that aid to clinics comes with strings attached. Abstinence is preached first and foremost and condoms are mentioned only as a last resort. This reporter flat out says the policy to curtail the funding and use of condoms in Africa is killing millions.

Fight AIDS @home is a way to use your “wasted” computer cycles.

And last but not least, The 12 STIs of Christmas. (Flash)

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