So everyone saw the Bush serving a perfect turkey to the troops in Iraq picture. It was splashed all over the corporate media…like the Mission Accomplished banner…really. Turns out, the two have a lot in common…the bird wasn’t real either. The soldiers were served from standard steam trays…Bush is holding a prop…for the cameras…you know, the camera people that were hand picked by the Administration?

I swear, Bush couldn’t tell the truth if it were standing in front of him. Every day, the lies just keep piling up…and every day the FOX audience claim that it’s treason to say anything bad about this moron.

Of course, Bush’s penchant for taking misleading and dishonest photos has not been confined to Iraq. In July of 2002, the President visited a low-income housing development in Atlanta to tout his commitment to funding it. He then proposed a budget that eliminated its funding. Similarly, the President visited a Boys and Girls Club in January of 2003 to tout the organization’s efforts. He said the club “has got a grand history of helping children.” Just four days after his photo-op, he proposed to cut 15% out of funding for the Boys and Girls Club.


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