oh good lord

The boy is making me crazy again. He’s decided now that he doesn’t like napping. I didn’t realize how much I needed the break every few hours. It’s killing me to have to spend 14 hours a day on the floor playing with him. He screams if I’m out of sight, he screams if I put him down in the play yard, he screams if I try to do laundry, housework, write, draw…pretty much anything that doesn’t involve being within arms distance of him…he’s just being screamy-baby. I *so* understand why Valium is so popular among housewives. :)

On the upside, he seems content right now trying to destroy my Dell, so yay! (I hate that computer.) I did get a chance to finally post some new pictures of the boy, should you have this burning desire to see birthday broccoli, birthday cake and goofy faces.

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