My take on the whole “Saddam captured” thing

On my way home today, I couldn’t reach the CD case and was trapped flipping through stations trying to find music…and the DJ’s were practically masturbating on the air with glee. One clear channel dj suggested that we should suspend the constitution and all international treaties so that we could torture him on live TV.

Yay…we got Saddam! So. Freaking. What. It impacts nothing, it means nothing to the war or the resistance on the ground. It’s just propaganda…empty, fluffy, feel good propaganda. The Iraqis who are attacking the US troops weren’t doing it to bring Saddam back…they’re doing it to make us get out.

From the Bush’s perspective, I can’t imagine that the timing could be much worse. Saddam is mostly irrelevant and finding him means that there is very little pretext to keep troops on the ground. After all, we’ve eliminated the threat, no? We have the dictator, there are no WMD apparently, and the locals want us to pack up and go home.

So now all Bush has to use for campaign stumping is the nation building part…which he campaigned against in 2000. If they had just waited…and captured Saddam right before the 9/11 Republican Convention on the site of ground zero…they could have rolled all that nationalistic fervor up into one sweet jingoistic slalom run for the election.

But I’m sure they have something really great planned for that…or whenever the President’s popularity starts to sag…or anyone notices the absolute horror of the deficits being piled up…or the stunning amount of job losses…but for now, it’s all ok, cause we found a bad man hiding in a basement.

Proletariat propaganda…eat it up, yum.

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