Merry Chanakawanzamas!

Happy holidays to everyone. :)

Have I ever mentioned how much I love days when Tom is home? I love sleeping late…and by late, I mean 9 a.m. or so. (I remember the good ol’ days, when late was the next day…) But seriously, Tom gets up and plays with the boy when he wakes up at 6:30, and lets me sleep in…he’s so good to me. I think I’ll keep him. ;)

Santa made it by our house last night, surprisingly, the little fat man was able to make it down the chimney, past the killer cats, the slavering attack puppy and the killer dust bunnies to leave presents under our tiny tree. We’ve not opened those yet…we were waiting till after the boy’s first nap, so he’d play with them and not be cranky.

Speaking of…the young prince has just awoken…I’m off to make pancakes and watch him open pressies.

Hope everyone’s holidays are going well and that the fat man in the red suit visited your house too. :)

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