Worried about mad cow?

All this news about mad cow got you a little nervous? Well…it probably should. As long as the FDA allows agribusiness to totally screw up the food chain by forcing cows to become cannibals…you’re likely to get weird things like mad cow disease. But there is a solution for those who love a good steak.

Small ranchers. Small ranchers who pasture feed their critters and don’t use hormones, antibiotics, or commercial cannibal feed. You can go here, the Eat Well Guide, plug in your zip code and find stores, ranchers and suppliers of clean healthy critters. The price isn’t significantly more expensive than the grocery store…but the food is a whole lot safer. The FDA can’t be trusted to regulate an industry that has that much political clout and political donation dollars, and apparently, the food supply can’t be trusted as long as they’re the “regulatory” board. It was just a matter of time before this happened. The FDA isn’t allowed anywhere near the product they’re supposed to regulate, they have virtually no enforcement powers of the laws they are in charge of mandating…it’s just become another government rubberstamp that costs a lot, but means nothing.

Every day, I’m amazed at the new ways we find of killing ourselves off…

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