Monthly Archives: January 2004

Friday Five

I am just in a mood. I’ve been in this mood for a day or two. I’m feeling all snarky and mean. The boy is sick and his molars are coming in…so he’s cranky and refusing to nap…to which my response is “Oh. But you *will* nap.” Apparently, babies feel pretty comfortable ignoring imperative directives […]

Politics, Tombs and Bonesmen

Vyoma distracted me off on a Skull and Bones tangent…and I was thinking how odd it was that this election might very well be a Skull and Bones vs Skull and Bones election. Both Kerry and Bush were members of the secret society at Yale. S&B alone is enough to make me not vote for […]

Jebuz onna stick

So, our very expensive insurance is denying the one expensive doctor’s visit we’ve had. I’ve been on the phone, on hold, for over an hour trying to reach a claims operator so I can find out what the bejezus is going on and why they denied the claim. If it were just a $60 dollar […]

spam…you know I hate it

Just launched my email program, well MailWasher, which checks the server and blacklists mail according to various blacklist rules…anyway…I had 165 messages…of those 160 were spam. Un. freaking. real. It’s like this every day. I get between 200 and 400 emails a day, and 98% of them are spam. I realize that a big part […]

So many things wrong with this story…

So many things. Ok, so your baby girl wakes you up and tells you there’s a strange man in her bedroom and after all the media hoopla about missing kids, you can’t be bothered to get up and look? Much less being a good enough parent that even if was a nightmare, you take them […]