Happy New Year’s!

I hope everyone’s celebration of bringing in the new year was too your
liking, and that none of you will suffer the ill effects of a misspent
youth.  Was quiet here, we really didn’t do much of anything…but it was
kinda nice to just have some quiet time.  About midnight, the neighborhood
kids starting shooting off fireworks, (they’re still going), which means the dog
is just insane…she hates fireworks…and she has the really loud, deep bark
that big dogs have.  Somehow, it hasn’t woken up the baby…so, Yay!

So, New Year’s Resolutions…hmmm.

  • I resolve to keep going to the gym until I can wear the sexy dresses
  • I resolve to help my boy grow up strong, healthy and happy.
  • I resolve to finally get those damn shelves built, even if it means hiring
    a carpenter to do it. 
  • I resolve to write at least 6 short stories and try to get back on track
    with the novels. 
  • I resolve to create project plans for my backlog projects and try to sort
    them all out. 
  • I resolve…and this is a biggie for me…to try and lessen the level of
    chaos in my reality…simplify, simplify, simplify…get rid of stuff. 

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.  I’ll probably come
back and add to it as things occur.

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