So many things wrong with this story…

So many things.

Ok, so your baby girl wakes you up and tells you there’s a strange man in her bedroom and after all the media hoopla about missing kids, you can’t be bothered to get up and look? Much less being a good enough parent that even if was a nightmare, you take them back to bed, turn on the lights, prove there’s no monster, turn off the lights, tuck them in…I mean, the whole process takes a couple of minutes. But, the real question is…how the %&$#*( are parents able to sleep until 11:30? With some guy and his dogs rummaging through your house and your daughter’s bedroom? I mean, that’s a neat trick…as I’ve never known any parents that weren’t conditioned to be awake at sunrise, getting people moving, making breakfast, mainlining expresso shots to achieve consciousness…that sort of thing. I’m just saying…I think I’d notice a homeless guy and HIS DOGS running loose in my house, especially if my daughter just woke me up to tell me they were there.

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