Jebuz onna stick

So, our very expensive insurance is denying the one expensive doctor’s visit we’ve had. I’ve been on the phone, on hold, for over an hour trying to reach a claims operator so I can find out what the bejezus is going on and why they denied the claim. If it were just a $60 dollar visit, I’d probably just give up and pay it myself…but this is hundreds of dollars…so, the baby is screaming because I won’t give him the phone and I can’t really play with him while I’m doing this…I’m getting more and more frustrated with every repetition of “Please wait, all of our representatives are…..” every 30 seconds.

Goddamn it, if companies wouldn’t outsource customer service, we might actually get actual service from companies that are sucking hundreds and hundreds of dollars out of my wallet. Fuckers. Unicare and NPPN ( suck! The message keeps saying to go to their website…but the links at that site don’t work, and they don’t even have one for the Texas employees.

Still on hold…now going on 1.5 hours on hold. This is absurd. I don’t have this kind of time to waste. I’m just getting more and more frustrated. I shouldn’t have tried this while requiring Pamprin to keep me from killing people. Honestly, this is enough to make a girl hoist the black flag and begin takeover procedures.

Edit: Finally gave up after 1 hour and 45 minutes. Tried calling the insurance company instead of the network provider. Got right through….and they said that the insurance only started in January….despite having paid premiums since October…they said we should try calling Unicare, who had the policy last year.

So, called Unicare. Unicare has no record of us every being insured. They said to call Manpower’s HR and find out where the snafu was.

So, currently on hold with Manpower…

So, it looks like I have to send an email to manpower about the claim, with all this info…then it goes in front of a committee who decides what to do with the claim…since apparently the old network provider has gone toes-up… Jesus, it would have been easier to not have insurance and just paid the damn doctor’s bill.

All freaking morning, I’ve spent on the phone…and I’ve gotten nothing accomplished but making me very, very angry.

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