Politics, Tombs and Bonesmen

Vyoma distracted me off on a Skull and Bones tangent…and I was thinking how odd it was that this election might very well be a Skull and Bones vs Skull and Bones election. Both Kerry and Bush were members of the secret society at Yale.

S&B alone is enough to make me not vote for someone.

I don’t much care for Dean. But then, I’m really pretty tired of aristos in the White House. Also his desire to tag the population like cattle makes me pretty nervous.

Edwards voted in exactly the wrong way on many of the issues I feel strongly about. (But he does have good hair and a charming accent….so, at least the President would be decorative for a change.)

Clark – I find his actions as Commander questionable at best…the thought of him near the giant, candy-like, red button is too spooky.

Lieberman – if I wanted a Republican, I would vote for one.

Dennis Kucinich – I love the little crazy bastard. I do. He stands less chance of winning than I do…but I adore him.

Vyoma has got a valid point. There may be lesser evils than the BushCorp that could win…but damn, all of the options are fairly evil. (Except Dennis. But really, what are the odds?) Boy, I sure got that “people…we done been screwed!” feeling.

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