Monthly Archives: February 2004


I’m off to Home Despot…beware me and my l33t p0w3r tool fetish….

Weirdness afoot at the Circle K

So, the weirdest thing happened yesterday. I was at the Evil Emporium (wallyland). Which, generally, I boycott…but they were the only place in this tiny little ‘burb that had the educational toys I was seeking for the boy. So, anyway, I’ve just finished checking out, and I’m leaving said house of evil, when this guy […]

A new spam record

This morning, I had 768 email messages. Of that, 2 messages were actually sent to me by people I know, 5 were newsletters or newspapers to which I subscribe, and the rest were spam. Yes…that’s right, I got 761 spam messages this morning. And that’s just on *my* server. My yahoo email address had another […]

Oh my…

The Governor of Rhode Island is ready to throw the First Amendment out the window in the name of homeland security. Carcieri has proposed “making it illegal in Rhode Island to ‘speak, utter, or print’ statements in support of anarchy or government overthrow. His proposal would make it unlawful for any person ‘to teach or […]

Disney buys Muppets

Oh well, it was a nice run while it lasted. Prepare for the whoring!