Gleanings from the net

Conspiracy Theory Rock – Media-opoly by Robert Smigel.

Who Owns What – from the Columbia Journalism Review For something kinda spooky, check out this list of media companies that Disney owns. I keep telling people that Eisner is pure evil, bent on taking over the world…but nobody listens.

Boy, I wish Bill were still around…I’d love to hear his take on what we’ve become in the last 10 years. This is a nice tribute.

Who is anti-Semitic, and who is not by Uri Avnery IHT

From MetaFilter…which has finally returned to the land of the living servers: Reprocessed images
from the Soviet exploration of Venus.

And last but not least, winner of the “Oh. My. God. I want one of each!” category: Giant Microbes.

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