Government gone mad.

From : On the 22nd of March 2004, the U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether we live in a free society, or in a country where we must show “the papers” whenever a cop demands them.

The man who is fighting the good fight is a man by the name of Dudley Hiibel. Dudley is a 59 year old cowboy who owns a small ranch outside of Winnemucca, Nevada. You wouldn’t be hearing about him had it not been for an incident that happened back in 2000. Dudley was standing around minding his own business when all of a sudden, a policeman pulled-up and demanded that Dudley produce his ID. Dudley, having done nothing wrong, declined. He was arrested and charged with “failure to cooperate” for refusing to show ID on demand. And it’s all on video.

DEA decides that hydrocodone is the next “EVIL d’ jour.” Great…so those of us with arthritis who are allergic to them new-fangled drugs that cause ulcers are going to utterly, totally, screwed. Meanwhile, drunk drivers kill hundreds of thousands of people…and booze is advertised on every channel on the spectrum. Go figure.

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