Oh my…

The Governor of Rhode Island is ready to throw the First Amendment out the window in the name of homeland security. Carcieri has proposed “making it illegal in Rhode Island to ‘speak, utter, or print’ statements in support of anarchy or government overthrow. His proposal would make it unlawful for any person ‘to teach or advocate’ a government overthrow, or display ‘any flag or emblem other than the flag of the United States’ as preferable to the United States government.”

Remember last week when the White House released its annual economic report, and it promised that the President’s economic policies would create 2.6 million jobs over the next year – a number that would conveniently ” erase all of the job losses incurred during his first term. Turns out, they were making that up. The president’s spokesperson response? “this President is focused on what we are doing to create as robust an environment as possible for job creation — not in crunching numbers.”

In other words, “Numbers-shmubers…I don’t do details.”

Oh, the White House has also said that the job losses during Bush’s term…those are Clinton’s fault. Bloomberg News on 2/7/04: “Previewing a possible campaign strategy, members of President George W. Bush’s economic team blamed the loss of 2.3 million U.S. jobs since his inauguration on a recession inherited from Bill Clinton.” Despite the fact that all non-partisan economic research firms put the recession start in March of 2001, the White House has decided it started in 2000.

You remember 2000…that’s when we all had jobs.

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