Weirdness afoot at the Circle K

So, the weirdest thing happened yesterday. I was at the Evil Emporium (wallyland). Which, generally, I boycott…but they were the only place in this tiny little ‘burb that had the educational toys I was seeking for the boy. So, anyway, I’ve just finished checking out, and I’m leaving said house of evil, when this guy grabs a little girl (I’d say about 5 or so) standing near the door and runs out the door.

The little girl starts screaming for her mom and I start chasing the guy, hollering for people to stop him and dialing 911 on my cell phone. The guy tosses the girl in his car and starts it up. I’m standing behind the car…apparently not considering the fact that he could have just run me over…banging on the car, telling him to get out of the car. The girl’s mom is banging on the car, two big ol boys in trucks get their guns, the cart boys blocked his car with lines of carts and at the moment that it looks like the vigilantes are about to take care of this problem once and for all, every cop in this town…and some from other towns I think, showed up…surrounded the car, got the guy out, got the girl to her mom, led the guy off in cuffs.

What’s really, really odd about it is that it turns out the guy was the girl’s father, but he’s never acknowledged his paternity legally…and his father is a judge in Dallas…and the whole “snatching” aspect of the story is being buried. It’s now being reported as a “domestic incident”.

Texas, it’s a crazy damn place, I tell you what.

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