Monthly Archives: March 2004

4th Amendment? What 4th Amendment?

A federal appeals court has opened the door for police in Texas and two other states to search residences and buildings for evidence without a warrant — a ruling strongly criticized by two dissenting justices. Remember the good ol days, back when we had rights? Ah, good times…good times.

And so it begins

I leave the warm embrace of your electronic glow, and go off to format my drive. Wish me luck, light candles for me…perhaps the light will lead me back to this intarweb thingy. Until I return, has much zombie goodness for you. Be kind to one another while I’m away…and try not to eat each […]

Bugger, bugger, bugger, bugger, bug.

Well, I think I’ve gotten as much data as I can off the system. It’s ready to be wiped and rebuilt…but I just can’t seem to make myself type “fdisk”. I have to do it, I know I have to do it…but it’s just so irreversible. Eeek. Perhaps I’ll wait until The Man gets home […]

Witty Worm gets me

I got hit by the Witty Worm, I did. (Login for the Post if you need it.) Totally hosed the boot sector of my Alienware…I’ve got the system running, but somehow, when I was recovering the system, I seem to have installed windows a second time…which shouldn’t, theoretically, be possible. I’m still trying to figure […]

When I rule the world…

Addendum to previous dictates: Mowing your lawn before 9:00 am will be punishable by extraordinary forms of torture.  People who let their dogs poop in my yard will be tied over a fire ant mound. If I step in said poop, they shall be lathered in honey first.  Anyone who installs lights in their yard […]