Gleanings from the web

Where Is My Gay Apocalypse? I have been waiting patiently. I have been staring with great anticipation out the window of my flat here in the heart of San Francisco, sighing heavily, waiting for the riots and the plagues and the screaming monkeys and the blistering rain of inescapable hellfire. I have my camera all ready and everything. Read the rest of Mark Morford’s hysterical article.

Bill Gates suggests that the way to get rid of spam is to charge everyone a fee for every email they send…an e-stamp, if you will. Bill has quite obviously lost his mind…

Speaking of people who are out of their little, pointy, minds…Ralph Nader has signed an alliance with The New Alliance Party…a group that some consider a cult.

As I’ve got an insanity theme going, allow me to introduce you to the town of Killingon, VT. They’ve voted to secede. They want to go live with New Hampshire. Claims Vermont is “mean to them”.

Oh, and while on the topic of madness – Don’t look now girls, but here’s your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of Waco II.

And last but not least, this nugget from memepool: If you consider yourself to be a budding Svankmeyer or Quay brother (or just another goth who needs some home decor), steer your barouche over to the Victorian Taxidermy Company Limited, and peruse their stuffed and mounted wares.

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