Month of Mondays…

I swear, there are just some times when it feels like the world is trying it’s damnedest to leak into my fresh. Remember a few months ago, when I got stopped by the police, and the cop told me there was a warrant out for my arrest…and I called every police department and county clerk in a 200 mile radius and couldn’t find anything?

Well, this morning, before I had coffee, I opened a letter from a law firm in San Antonio. Dallas County hired lawyers 300 miles away, apparently to lessen citizen’s ability to protest. This letter basically said that if I didn’t pay a traffic fine from 2001, that the police would be at my house to arrest me on the 11th and that a warrant had been issued for my arrest.

Now, I took defensive driving for that speeding ticket. I sent the completion form to the court via registered receipt…because I’m not an idiot. So, I can prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that I don’t owe the fee…and that I shouldn’t be arrested, thank you very much. So, for the 3rd time, I have to fax all these records somewhere and hope that the bureaucrats get it right for once. And I will continue to carry all this documentation in my car, assuming that I’m going to get arrested and will need to show it to the judge to get out of jail.

When I called this law office in San Antonio, they said to fax everything to them, which I’ll do…but they said that it was pretty likely that I’d be arrested if I showed up to vote. I’m almost positive that it’s illegal to try and intimidate voters, and I don’t think the cops can sit outside polling places demanding ID to check against warrant lists, but I don’t feel like paying my lawyer’s hourly rates to find out. So, I’ll go vote after the man gets home and can take the boy, so if they do arrest me, they’re not putting the boy in Child Protection Services.

All this, for going 64 in a 60 mph zone. Un. Fucking. Real. It would have been easier to just pay the damn ticket…which I think is probably what they’re trying to accomplish…next time I get a speeding ticket, I’m just going to pay one of those traffic lawyers to make it go away. To hell with trying to work within the system.

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