Monthly Archives: April 2004

Poem in your pocket day

To commemorate the end of National Poetry Month, today is Poem In Your Pocket Day. And for us bloggy types, it’s also Poem On Your Blog Day. There are so many amazing poets to choose from, but I think I shall favor you with a silly selection from my favorite living American poet – Shel […]

Don’t you worry your pretty little head about it…

White House “disappears” women’s info. The Bush administration has quietly removed 25 reports from its Women’s Bureau Web site, deleting or distorting crucial information on issues from pay equity to reproductive healthcare. There’s a long article about it over at Salon, behind the premium wall.

linky goodness

So, I’m playing with blogger a little, mostly because I love the google toolbar thingy that lets you just click a button to post links to a blog, so I’ve created a blog that’s just a link blog. As I run across stuff that I think is interesting, or that I want to get back […]


So, I spent almost all day in the emergency room today…all for them to tell me what I told them when I went in…I severely sprained my back and I was having muscle spasms. For this, they went to medical school? Honestly. Seriously, I was there long enough that I almost completely finished a book […]


WatchBlog: 2004 U.S. Election News, Opinion and Commentary :: a Culture Jammer’s Encyclopedia Songs to wear pants to. So, remember my earlier post about Second Life? I’ve decided it’s a total waste of code and bandwidth. I can’t get it to stay connected for longer than 10 minutes at a time. And dig […]