Weekend projects

Well, all the wood and sand got delivered for building the boy’s sandbox. Naturally, I’ve made this much harder than it has to be…because I’ve chosen to build him a sandbox that looks like a little sailboat. (It’s SO cute.) But build it, I shall. I do not fear the miter cuts, the bevel cuts or even the angled cuts. What I fear is that I can’t find the material for the sail part. You’d think living next to a lake would make it easy to find sail canvas and a captain’s wheel…but no. (The wheel I’ve found on ebay…hooray! I won’t have it for this weekend, but have it, I will.)

Ok, the big fear is that my table saw arrived, and I can’t figure out how to put it together. Gods willing, the man will surprise me by putting it together tomorrow morning when I go pick up the rest of the supplies I forgot to get when I ordered the wood. :)

And resume rewrites…it’s on the list of things to do this weekend. Must get resume and cover letter written, proofed and then probably posted here for additional eyes to review and critique. :) But mostly, I’m really excited about pulling out the power tools and trying to build something as complicated as this looks to be. Wish me luck!

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