Passover and google bombing

Gang, check out Sisyphus’s () journal, or (which is a cut and paste of her text) for the googlebomb action alert. On this day of Passover, let’s try and get the hate site out of the first position when people search for the term “Jew“.

In other news, I have a sail put together for the sailbox…I did it with white (well, eggshell) curtains from my old house, so that I could better show the skull and crossbones motif I’ve decided to add. Yo Ho Ho and all that. ;) It’s going to drive the neighbors insane…which just makes me happy. So now, I just have to figure out the best way to do the pirate insignia..paint, which might not work on gauzy material, or applique…which may take forever. ;) I think applique…now I just have to go find a pattern to work from, as my freehand skills are a little wobbly. ;)

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