ACLU takes on the “no fly list”

This strikes a little close to home for me. I got emailed recently by someone who has the same name as I do. (Which seems unlikely as it’s a pretty unusual name..but there it is.) Anyway, this poor little Mormon girl got all kinds of harassed trying to get on a plane. They wanted to know about her appearance at various protests, her affiliation with certain political groups, and various other questions that made me think that they were probably thinking that she was me. I haven’t tried to get on a plane in years, so I can’t verify that I would get stopped…but it sure looks that way. The ACLU has filed a class action suit to stop the no-fly lists and it’s evil twin, the CAPPS. Dear gods, please let the courts realize that Ashcroft and the rest of the neocons have to be stopped in order to preserve what little of the republic remains.

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